dl coLLINS


Demeitrice L. Collins holds a bachelor’s degree in finance from Clayton State University. Collins owned and operated a financial lending business for twelve years, then went on to start the Literacy for Youth Foundation which strives to promote financial education and end hunger for children in southeast Georgia.

In 1998, he pursued a career in mortgage finance, after which he started his own mortgage corporation. For many years, he had to decline good people for loans because their credit made them ineligible. When he inquired about how clients got into their particular situations, he noticed a trend as responses were usually similar.

Clients mentioned that nobody taught them how to manage credit. Many explained how their parents could not teach them about saving money because they worked two jobs just to make ends meet and there wasn’t enough left over to save. Many stated that their parents never explained how to balance a checkbook and that although schools taught them the meaning of the word ‘budget’ they failed to explain how to apply it to everyday life.

Collins decided to help others who are in similar situations by founding Literacy for Youth Foundation, a 501(c)3 non-profit organization that teaches children financial literacy, and by creating the Sally Saver Book Series, that teaches children financial principles through interactive and fun reading experience.

His inspiration behind these projects is to teach financial fundamentals.