Since 2009, we have been feeding, teaching and supporting children and young adults. We believe in a safe and nurturing space that allows young people to learn, explore and express themselves, in ways that encourage growth, wisdom, compassion and health.


Our Mission

The Literacy for Youth Foundation, a non-profit organization with 501(c) 3 status, proposes to teach students from grades K-12 the importance and essentials of economics, mathematics, financial literacy, social studies, social skills, science, health and reading in fun interactive after school sessions and summer programs. Our foundation is also preparing our youth for standardized test. The program has a team of certified instructors that tutor our students K-12 with CRCT prep, SAT prep, ACT prep, and Compass testing assistance at our office Monday through Saturday. Other programs include educating students on living healthy, eating right, exercising daily and proper nutrition. It is also important to educate our youth on programs that will save our planet. What does it take to go green and stay green? We propose to change the make-up of the world by impacting the lives of children of all ages by setting up strong literacy programs with a detailed curriculum that will cater to children from ages 5-18.The Literacy for Youth Foundation will incorporate an after school and summer program that will be available to children in all social economic classes. The program will allow educators to gather a group of youths in a safe and nurturing facility to assist these children in a tutoring program to help increase grades and test scores.

About our founder

The Literacy for Youth Foundation, a 501(c)3 Organization, was founded by Demeitrice Collins in 2009. Demeitrice graduated from Clayton State University in 1997 with a degree in Business Administration. Demeitrice taught youth empowerment conferences, financial literacy, mentoring, tutoring and counseling to kids in Clayton and South Fulton Counties. Mr. Collins has always been a community leader, a visionary leader, and he is always thinking about the future of our youth and ways to improve their journey to a strong, fruitful adulthood.


Demeitrce Collins

Founder/CEO Board Member


Tiashia Hendrick

Board Member

Laura Butler

Chairman of the Board


Ny Sao




 Freida Mee (Executive Assistant)


Shurvell Mclendon (Project Coordinator)

 Demeitrice Collins (Executive Director)


Cathy Perkins (Fundraising Manager)